College Inn Organic Beef Broth

College Inn Organic All Natural Beef Broth provides the perfect cooking foundation with a blend of rich, savory beef and a Carefully crafted blend of seasonings. Carefully crafted with organic ingredients, the exceptional flavor enhances cooking, taking it to the next level. Use this versatile broth to create flavorful soups or to help keep meat tender. Add to sauces and gravies for a rich taste. Create unmatched soups and stews. The convenient, re-sealable carton opens easily and stores well, allowing you to use as little or as much as you need now or later. Whether you’re an amateur cook or an accomplished chef, College Inn provides the tools to unleash your inner culinary artist! Keep meals simple with College Inn and take time to laugh, listen, connect and share with those you love. Blends rich, savory beef and a carefully crafted blend of seasonings Convenient, re-sealable carton to use as much as you need now or later Perfect cooking foundation Create flavorful soups and rich, savory gravies Elevate mashed potatoes, rice or other side dishes with a splash of exceptional flavor