Beyond Simply Grain Free Natural White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe Cat Food 48 oz

Natural cat food with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. No corn, wheat or soy. Simply ingredient recipe. No.1 ingredient is chicken raised without steroids (Federal regulations prohibit the use of steroids in chicken). No poultry by-product meal. Natural probiotics for digestive health. No poultry by-product meal. Contains a source of live (viable naturally occurring microorganisms. Our Nutritionists Commitment: This recipe was formulated with the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrate and essential nutrients to help support a long, healthy life. We believe the best ingredients are grown as nature intended. That's why Jan, our in-house pet nutritionist, selected natural, grain-free ingredients and essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to create this limited ingredient recipe. Each batch of simply grain free is high protein. And it all comes together to deliver the daily nutrition your cat needs to thrive. Traceability Guarantee: Each ingredients in this bag can be traced back to our trusted sources. Your pet, our passion. The Purina Promise: Our promise to you is sealed inside every package - including this one. Every ingredient we source and every facility we own is held to your highest standards for quality, safety and the never-ending pursuit of breakthrough nutrition. Pets are our passion. Safety is our promise. Progress is our pledge. Follow us at Twitter. Facebook. Learn more at We're listening. Visit us online or give us a call at 833-8Beyond (1-833-823-9663). Follow us at Every ingredient has a purpose. Good for Your Pet. Good for Planet: We believe in going beyond. That's why Purina is continuously working to take positive steps: Improving water use efficiency in our US facilities. Increasing the amount of our electricity that comes from renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro power. Achieving zero waste for disposal at our US facilities. Learn more at Crafted in USA facilities. Printed in USA.