Tetley® Classic Blend Rich Black Tea Bags 48 ct Box

Premium tea bags. Naturally contains protective antioxidants. Tetley makes it better. For over 150 years, Tetley has given tea lovers the taste that they deserve. When it comes to pure, refreshing, real tea taste, no other tea compares with Tetley. Enjoy its deep amber color, alluring aroma and delicious flavor and discover our uncompromising approach to crafting the best tasting tea. How Tetley Makes Classic Blend: 1. First we select the finest, fresh picked tea leaves from plantations around the world. 2. We then allow the leaves to fully oxidize, exposing them to the air to attain a deep brown color and full flavor intensity. 3. The result: Tetley's Classic Blend, the perfect blend of tea for any time of day! Drink to Your Health: Scientific research suggests that antioxidants may help protect the body from potentially harmful effects of free radicals, which can cause cell damage. Free radicals occur as a natural by-product of environmental factors and your body's metabolism. Tea, like fruits and vegetables, is an excellent source of natural antioxidants. With these powerful antioxidants, Tetley tea is the smart choice for your healthy lifestyle. Caffeine Meter: Decaf Tea: 4 mg. Tea: 40 mg. Coffee: 100 mg. Average milligrams per 8 oz serving. Microwaveable. No staple.