GuS Grown-Up Soda 4 ea

Lightly sweetened ginger ale with real ginger root. With other natural flavors. Sparkling. Not too sweet. 90 calories per bottle. Gus Extra Dry Ginger Ale is a crisp, refreshing soft drink made with natural ginger root extract. Known as Spring Ginger or Young Ginger, ginger root is primarily grown in India, North Africa and China. Gus Sodas are best served chilled and straight, without ice. If you're truly a grown-up consider making a cocktail using Gus Sodas. Check out the range of drink recipes at our website. Gus is Grown-up Soda. Founded in 2003 by Steve and Jeannette, a husband-and-wife team, Gus was what the founders and their friends were looking for in a beverage; something not so sweet like all the sodas out there. But no so dull and lifeless like flavored seltzers and waters. Or artificial, like diet drinks. Steve grew up in a household where his father added seltzer to everything. This was done to cut the sweetness and make juice and soda lighter and more refreshing. It also reduced the calories, but that wasn't really the point. Now that tradition continues with Grown-Up Soda. They're distinctive sodas made with real juice and natural extracts, and only lightly sweetened with cane sugar. Best of all, they're enjoyed by grown-ups of all ages! No caffeine. No preservatives. Gluten-free. Pasteurized. Vegan. Non-GMO. Join the Conversation! Facebook: GrownupSoda. Instagram: GrownupSoda. Twitter: at GuS_Soda. Product of USA.