Hi-C Orange Lavaburst Cartons, 6 fl oz, 8 Pack

A blend of orange, pear and apple with other ingredients. Orange lavaburst flavored fruit drink with other natural flavors. 40 calories per box. 50% less sugar & fewer calories than regular Hi-C (This Product: 40 calories and 10 g of sugar per box. Regular Hi-C: 80 calories and 22 g of sugar per box). 100% Vitamin C. Made with real fruit juices from concentrate. Did you know - that each Hi-C drink box - contains a full day’s supply of vitamin C and, is made with real fruit juice, and has the great taste your kids love. Pasteurized. SmartLabel: Scan for more food information. Consumer Information: Call 1-800-888-6488. Tetra Pak - Protects what's good. FSC - Mix board.