Apple & Eve® Cranberry 100% Juice Blend 8-6.75 fl. oz. Aseptic Packs

Flavored blend of 3 juices from concentrate with other added ingredients. No sugar added. Calcium fortified. 100% vitamin C. Be pure. Be fruitful. For over 30 years Apple & Eve has nurtured a pretty simple idea: to craft great tasting, healthy, 100% pure juice blends. From day one we decided we'd be the company that let juice be juice - all natural, no sugar added, nothing artificial - a big promise back then, and a promise we've been proud to keep ever since. For over three generations, families have enjoyed our signature juice blends each one created with honesty, integrity and a whole lotta' love. Pure 100% juice is what we're all about. You know it when you taste it, when every sip says, This is the juice, the whole juice and nothin' but the juice. Apple & Eve. Only the best ingredients go into our Naturally Cranberry 100% pure juice blend. Instead of using corn syrup, sugars or other sweeteners, we smooth the tangy taste of Cape Cod cranberries by blending them with the naturally sweet juices of pears and apples. We then fortify our juice with calcium to help build strong bones and teeth and add a full day's supply of vitamin C. Now this is cranberry at its best! 100% juice. Pasteurized.