Gringo Jacks Salsa, Caliente, Baby!, Medium Hot

Tomatillo, mango & jalapeno. For the truly committed. The freshness of your first kiss, the thrill of fear as the roller coaster climbs - they all come together in a blend of sweet, tart and hot spice - so, so rare in life. You wouldn't think a bunch of gringos in Vermont could produce such an amazing salsa - but here at Gringo Jack's restaurant, we offer you an all natural, gourmet line of perfect salsas. Each salsa is hand crafted in small batches for quality and flavor. Fresh, tart tomatillos, wonderful, fresh jalapenos and onions with a great splash of summer mango - for a blast of tart, sweet & fresh and a slight hint of heat - perfect salsa experience. All natural with no preservatives or yucky stuff! Made in Vermont, USA.