Ghirardelli Luxe Milk Milk Chocolate, Almond

Rich and creamy milk chocolate with natural, toasted almonds. All natural. Heavenly milk chocolate. Individually wrapped for freshness. 20% free. More chocolate, more pleasure. This rich and creamy milk chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans is perfectly complemented with all-natural, toasted almonds. Take in the heavenly aroma and let the ultimate chocolate pleasure linger. Ghirardelli - moments of timeless pleasure. The Ghirardelli Difference: Controlling all steps for ultimate quality. Bean Selection: We select only the highest quality cocoa beans. Roasting: We use a unique roasting process for intense chocolate taste. Refining: We refine to achieve the ultimate velvety smoothness. Conching: We conche extensively to bring out unique, sophisticated flavors. Proudly manufactured in California, USA.