Talia Di Napoli Pizza, Primavera

The sleeping pizza. Authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Handmade in Napoli, Italy. 100% Italian ingredients. All natural, no preservatives. From Naples to your tables. Our Story: The name Talia is inspired by the princess in the classic tale of the Sleeping Beauty, originally written in the 17th century Naples, Italy. Each Talia pizza is fully handcrafted by our Neapolitan pizza chefs. We respect the ancient recipes and traditions by using only fresh Italian ingredients. Our sourdough is prepared with our proprietary process and left to rise for 24 hours. The pizzas are then baked in our hand- built, wood-fired Neapolitan ovens. After baked to perfection, the pizzas are put to sleep in a cryogenic flash-freezing chamber. This unique process preserves all the original flavors and textures that our chefs carefully crafted. All you have to do is wake your sleeping pizza up! taliadinapoli.com. Read our story and order our products at taliadinapoli.com. Product of Italy.