PhillySwirl® SwirlCups. Mix and match flavors. Assorted candy spoons included! Bluesberry jam. Rainbow. Cherry melon. Cotton candy. Sunburst. Hurricane. Gluten free. Peanut free. Dairy free. No HFCS. Naturally and artificially flavored frozen dessert. 3.5 fl oz (103 ml) per serving 21 fl oz (618 ml) Total. PhillySwirl Pholklore. Inspired by hot Philadelphia summers, born from the creative minds of our founders Max and Alex, and made within the frigid walls of Phillyswirl's secret headquarters, Swirl Cups with candy spoons are a new twist on our original swirlStix. Enjoy endless flavor combinations of swirls and fun-filled candy spoons! Rainbow - White lemon, cherry & blueberry swirl. Bluesberry jam - Blackberry and blue raspberry swirl. Cherry melon - Cherry & watermelon swirl. Cotton candy - A melt-in-your mouth classic carnival flavor. Sunburst - Tangerine, wild cherry and lemon swirl. Hurricane - Lemon & strawberry swirl. Create your own flavor with 6 candy spoons! 1. Choose your swirl cup. 2. Choose your candy spoon. 3. Create your own flavor! The combinations are endless. Here are some of our favorites: Grape + Bluesberry jam = Berry blast. Green apple + Cotton candy = Candy apple. Cherry + Hurricane = Pink lemonade. Manufactured in a peanut free facility. Candy spoons are produced with genetic engineering. 1-877-379-4757.