Yasso Pistachio Brittle Ice Cream

Pistachio-flavored with other natural flavors frozen greek yogurt bars with pistachio brittle pieces. 90 calories. 5 g protein. Gluten-free. It's game on, baby! Since Kindergarten, sports have taught us how to tackle obstacles head on. It's through this kind of hustle that we changed the dessert game, and now we want to inspire others to crush their goals, too. Join the Game On! Foundation-cultivating everyone's inner health rebel. Buckle up because this flavor is absolutely nuts. Lip-smacking pistachio-flavored frozen Greek yogurt mixes together perfectly with pistachio brittle pieces. And at 5 g of protein and 90 calories per bar, Yasso Pistachio Brittle bars take the OMG flavor factor to the very next level. Enjoy! - Amanda & Drew. Founders. We're raising the dessert bar. Real greek yogurt. No high intensity sweeteners. No erythritol. Live & active cultures. yasso.com. Instagram. Snapshot. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube.