Hanover The Gold Line Leaf Spinach

Hanover® The Gold Line® Leaf Spinach. Premium. Steam in bag. Hanover Foods is proud to present a new line of "Guest Quality" vegetables we call The Gold Line. These selected varieties are the premium pick which truly add a distinctive touch to any table. Each vegetable is unique with a delicate, delicious taste. The Gold Line...fit for you and your guests. Try All Delicious Varieties! Petite brussels sprouts. Petite peas. Petite whole carrots. White shoepeg corn. Petite whole green beans. Sugar snap peas. Fordhook lima beans. White sweet corn. Tex-mex mix. Petite broccoli florets. Petite bean blend. Snow peas. Petite asparagus blend. Vegetable of the day blend. Petite broccoli blend. Petite asparagus spears. Petite peas & pearl onions. Petite whole yellow beans & red pepper. Shoepeg corn & petite peas with red peppers.