DEVOUR Italian Sausage Lasagna

DEVOUR Italian Sausage Lasagna dials up the taste, maxs out the flavor and turns up the texture with this easy to make single servefrozen dinner. This hearty frozen lasagna meal has 24 grams of protein. We take classic lasagna noodles with marinara sauce and add juicy, spicy Italian sausage. Then we layer on plenty of creamy mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Finally, we finish this decadent Italian style meal by bathing it in a rich, savory marinara sauce to sweeten the deal. Now thats an offer you cant refuse. Ready to eat in minutes, this frozen meal comes in a microwaveable serving tray for fast and convenient feasting. DEVOURfrozen foodsmake it easy to enjoy hot, mouthwatering food at home or in the break room, so be sure to keep your freezer stocked with deliciousness. Excite your taste buds with this delectable frozen entree next time youre craving a fulfilling Italian style dinner.