Food for Life Bread, The Original Bran for Life

High fiber. Certified organic grains. Over 4 teaspoons of wheat bran per slice! All natural. No preservatives. If you love an abundant taste of bran, slightly sweetened with malted barley, then we made this bread for you. We started with our favorite bran bread recipe, and added a generous extra helping of organic unprocessed wheat bran - over 4 teaspoons per slice - to make this truly the bran lovers - bran bread. Then we sweetened it with organic malted barley. The result is a rich and moist bran bread that's high in fiber and loaded with flavor. We're so pleased with it, we named if after the bakery - bran for life - the bran lovers - bran bread. Try it served warm to release its rich nut-like wholesome flavor. With just one bite, you'll know it's a Food for Life. The Brad for Life Story: In response to the advice of nutritionists and physicians who tell us, Americans need more fiber, Food for Life brings you the ultimate wheat bran bread. We use only natural wholesome country fresh ingredients. To our knowledge this specialty bread contains more unprocessed wheat bran than any other bread available. One serving actually contains more than 4 teaspoons of certified organically grown wheat bran per slice! Wheat bran not only provides a delicious nutlike flavor rich in natural dietary fiber, but also adds a host of natural vitamins and trace minerals. Unprocessed wheat bran is a pure source of natural dietary fiber and is often removed during the milling of grain into flour. Recent scientific evidence indicates that dietary fiber increases the transit speed of food through the body and offers a host of benefits essential to good nutrition (Source: Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation). True Dietary Fiber is possibly four times the crude fiber value in natural wheat products. Thus, this unique bread is approximately 8% natural dietary fiber! We are tremendously excited about this high fiber bran bread and have pleasure in sharing this excitement with you, our customer. Certified organic by QAI.