Eden Organic Shells, Vegetable

Good source of protein. No salt added. Organic. Golden amber durum wheat. Golden amber durum wheat, family farm organically grown on the high plains of Montana and North Dakota. Formed using an Italian brass die into seashells, a shape also known as conchigli. Great for casseroles and in soups, and a must have for seafood or vegetable pasta salad. Its bright colors come from organic vegetables. Each color is made separately in its own small batch, patiently dried, and mixed together before packaging. Bud's favorite. Eden selection, meticulous tracking and audited records guarantee the purity of this food from the farm to your table. What a gem we have in the Eden Organic Pasta Company. A Detroit landmark crafting pasta in small batches since 1923, it still has the original Italian fixtures like artisan brass dies, noodle rollers, and macaroni dryers. Best of all are its people who care: Bud, Cathy, Jeridine, Jim, Maryanne, Odess, Peter, Robert, Rosanne, Steve, Tasha and Terry. OCIA certified organic.