Spence & Co Scandinavian Style Gravlax 4 oz

Traditionally cured. Slice and ready to eat. Born of necessity, perpetuated by desire. The Vikings are credited with developing this curing method to preserve fish without the use of smoke or fire. They may have cured fish this way while visiting North America centuries before Christopher Columbus arrived. The Vikings would approve of the Spence & Co., Ltd. authentic method. Enjoy the same robust and distinctive flavors, the perilous sea journey is optional. This product is produced from the finest quality fresh, never frozen salmon. A rich, robust alternative to smoked salmon. Garnish with a light salad. Serve on brown or dark bread with a little Spence & Co., Ltd. mustard dill sauce. The traditionalist would accompany this with aquavite or vodka, chilled, but you may prefer to compliment with a fruity white wine ensuring an elegant and distinctive appetizer. The carotenoid used in the feed of farm-raised salmon is identical to the natural carotenoid consumed by salmon in the wild and is the source of the color of this fish. www.spenceltd.com. Made in the USA.