DelGrosso Ultra-Premium Pasta Sauce Uncle Joe's Vodka Celebration

DelGrosso™ Ultra-Premium Pasta Sauce Uncle Joe's Vodka Celebration. Since 1914 America's oldest family saucemaker*. Net Wt. 26 oz (737 g). Uncle Joe's Vodka Celebration "Coming of Age". There's never a question in our family what to serve for birthdays, graduations, or other celebrations. Our Uncle Joe makes the best vodka sauce you will find. As the youngest in a large Italian family, Joe always had to prove himself. "I worked on this recipe forever. I use whole Italian plum tomatoes, special spices, cream and a splash of vodka." When he served it for the first time, "Everyone loved it," says Joe, with a smile. "It's been a hit ever since." *DelGrosso Foods is the oldest major family-owned producer of pasta sauce in America. Ferdinand and Mafalda DelGrosso raised four sons and three daughters, through whom the sauce making tradition continues... Gluten free. GMO free. No sugar added. Visit: