SToK Protein Espresso Cold Brew Coffee, 48 Oz.

Naturally flavored. 16 grams protein per serving. Powered by 16 g protein. Approximately 120mg caffeine per 12oz serving. Low & slow. Smooth taste. Geeked out and caffeinated. To coffee nerds like us, caffeine and protein is a no-brainer. It’s how you start the day. Or an all-nighter. Yeah, there are other options out there. But we take the status quo as a serious challenge. So we experimented-over and over-until we landed on the perfect blend of protein, milk and espresso to go with our low & slow cold-brew. No chalky aftertaste here-Stok espresso protein coffee hits the super-smooth bullseye read on or better yet, drink up. Better is always out there, waiting to be created. We’re on it. Fuel your daily grind. As much protein as two large eggs and a slice of bacon per serving (Stok espresso protein coffee: 16g protein per 12oz serving; 2 large eggs and 1 slice bacon: 15.4g protein. USDA national nutrient database for standard reference, release 28. Data consistent with typical large eggs and bacon. Not a meal replacement) and an excellent source of calcium. Smooth taste. We don’t do chalky. High-quality, slow-release micellar casein protein from skim milk is optimized for ultra-smoothness. Cold-Brewed low & slow. Coffee comes first. We steep our responsibly sourced cold-brew for 10 slow hours, then add a shot of espresso to round it out. Look at you go. And go. UTZ certified coffee. The coffee in this product was grown by UTZ certified farmers.