Kate's Creamery Real Butter Milk

Kate's® Creamery Real Butter Milk From cows not treated with artificial. Growth hormones*. Gluten free. Farm fresh from Maine. Cultured. Grade A. Pasteurized. First place. World dairy expo Kate's buttermilk. Made from fresh cream churned into butter less than 1% milk fat. Not made from skim milk contains active yogurt cultures. 1 quart (946 ml). Kate's real buttermilk is made fresh daily by the party family in Arundel, Maine. You won't find any preservatives or thickening agents in our buttermilk. Kate's rich, creamy buttermilk is pure buttermilk, made from the churns of our delicious creamery butter. Just one taste and you'll never settle for anything else. Kate's real buttermilk is made the old-fashioned way. We start with fresh cream gathered from farms that pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. The cream is then carefully churned in small batches into butter the same way we've made it for over 35 years. The result Pure, wholesome and delicious buttermilk. Experience the richness of Kate's buttermilk on its own, or use it to enrich your favorite recipes such as pancakes, waffles, biscuits or cakes. Enjoy! Please visit: www.katesbutter.com. Contains active yogurt cultures, L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus. *FDA states: No significant difference in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones. ©2014 Kate's of Maine.