Hood Simply Smart Low Fat Milk

Hood® Simply Smart® Low Fat Milk. Made with ultra filtered milk. Rich, creamy taste and low in fat!* 25% Daily value calcium*. 10g Protein*. 1% Milkfat. 69% Less fat than whole milk*. Vitamins A & D. Ultra pasteurized. Grade A. Half gallon (1.89 L). A smart choice for the whole family. With Hood Simply Smart®, you get more nutrition without sacrificing taste! Why is our milk so rich and creamy Using an innovative technique called Ultra Filtration, we remove some of the water that makes lowfat milk look and taste watery. The result is delicious milk rich in nutrition and taste. *Per 1 cup serving: Whole milk: 300 mg Calcium. 8 g Protein. 8 g Total fat. 35 mg Cholesterol. Hood Simply Smart Low Fat Milk: 350 mg Calcium. 10 g Protein. 2.5 g Total fat. 15 mg Cholesterol. Try our other Simply Smart® milks! Hood® Simply Smart® Fat Free Milk. Hood® Simply Smart® Fat Free Milk Chocolate. Fat free and low fat are available in a family-friendly 96 oz. size. All rights reserved. We welcome your comments and questions. When writing, please include the product size and type along with the date printed on the top of the carton. Write to: Consumer Affairs, HP Hood LLC, Six Kimball Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940. Visit our website at www.simplysmartmilk.com. © 2017 HP Hood LLC.