Egglands Organic Hard Peeled

Tasty, nutritious - convenient-ready to eat. Organic eggs from cage free hens. Non GMO feed (Every hen selected to lay Egg land's Best Organic eggs is free to roam in a pleasant environment and is fed Egg land's Best Organic all-vegetarian diet with no GMO feed ingredients. The Egg land's Best feed and entire organic program are independently certified by a USDA – accredited agency.)! USDA Organic. Certified Organic by GCIAOCP Athens GA. Gold American Masters of Taste Superior Taste. Hard-cooked and peeled eggs. Quality approved. Tasty. Nutritious. Convenient. New! Produced from farm fresh. Perfect for egg salad, deviled eggs, creamed eggs, or as a snack. Now, America's best tasting eggs in a convenient pouch. 6 hard cooked Egg land's Best Organic eggs, peeled and ready for use in your favorite recipe, with all the taste and nutrition you expect from Egg land's Best eggs. High in vitamin D, E, and B12. 110 mg of omega 3 fatty acids. 25% less saturated fat than regular eggs (1 g vs. 1.5 g, quantities rounded). Recommended American Diabetes Association/American Dietetic Association dietary exchange: 1 Egg land's Best egg for 1 medium- fat meat. You may notice some spots on the eggs. This occurs naturally as brown eggs have pigments both outside and inside the egg. Produced in accordance with Egg land's Best, all vegetarian hen feeding program. Kosher question?: Any questions or comments, call us 1-800-922-3447 or visit