Immaculate™ Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookie Dough 12 ct Bag

Bakes 12 jumbo cookies. Certified gluten-free. All natural. Wheat free. Dairy free. Our Company: It was back in my garage in '95 that I started Immaculate Baking with a simple dream: bake great-tasting, all natural treats and inspire the natural artist in all of us. Immaculate has grown beyond my wildest dreams, and it remains true to those original visions. We use the best all natural ingredients, we eagerly support folk artists by making a gallery out of our packages, and we love doing what we do. -Scott. Certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Cookies with a Cause: Giving back is an important part of our mission, and we proudly support the Folk Artist's Foundation, which provides exposure, resources and encouragement to artists working in the folk art tradition. In 2003, Immaculate set the Guinness record for baking the world's largest cookie - measuring 102 feet in diameter, and sales of the cookie raised money and awareness for the Foundation. No need to set a record, though; if your nonprofit would like to hold a bake sale or do some fundraising, check out our programs online. Sax Player Leonard Jones (b. 1955): Leonard is a self-taught artist from Lincolnton, GA who uses his fingers and sticks as brushes and old roof tins as canvas. His animated and vibrant paintings depict memorable scenes of his life in rural Georgia. Many of them are featured in the House of Blues and in galleries throughout the South. Made in Canada.