Celestial Seasonings White Tea, Perfectly Pear

Contains caffeine. 100% Natural. Perfectly Pear White Tea: Long ago white tea was a rarity reserved for Chinese royalty who treasured its wonderfully calming natural and delicate depth of flavor and aroma. We celebrate this unique flavor with the lusciously mellow sweetness of Perfectly Pear White Tea. Natural pear and vanilla flavors enhance the white tea's soft, flowery tones - perfectly. Served hot or iced, this tea is truly elegant. Savor a simple moment for yourself. Like many fruits and vegetables, this tea contains high levels of antioxidants to help support your health naturally. Caffeine Meter: 50 mg (Average milligrams of caffeine per 8-oz cup or equivalent). This product contains all-natural ingredients and flavors, and no artificial colors or preservatives. Gluten free.