Perugina Baci Bag Classic Dark

Fine dark chocolate truffle with hazelnuts. Natural vanilla flavor/no artificial flavors. Beyond Celiac Gluten-Free: Gluten-free certification program. No GMO ingredients (SGS verified the Nestle process for manufacturing this product with no GMO ingredients Crafted with love in Italy since 1922. Much more than a chocolate truffle. A unique harmony of a luscious cocoa and hazelnuts filling with hazelnut grain crowned by a crunchy whole hazelnut, covered in fine dark chocolate and hugged by a special love note. A tiny masterpiece of love and affection for gifting, sharing - or simply savoring. It's a simple gesture full of meaning for gifting, sharing - or simply savoring. A unique story. It all began in 1922 in the heart of Italy, when a woman created a special bonbon for her beloved one. A unique chocolate, wrapped in a secret Love Note hidden by a starry wrap and then Baci became the legendary masterpiece to spark emotions. Our ultimate quality for your pleasure. Crafter in Italy 1922. Made with pure cocoa butter. Only 8 ingredients and a simple recipe. Selected raw materials. Discover more and follow us (at)baciperugina on Instagram and Facebook. Visit us:; Nestle: Good to Talk: Nestle Consumer Service. P.O. Box 163 - 20101 Milan, Italy.; Nestle cocoa plan. UTZ Certified Cocoa: By buying UTZ certified cocoa, Baci supports sustainable cocoa farming. Product of Italy.