Freihofer's Country White Bread

Freihofer's® Country White Bread. Now no high fructose corn syrup. Quality bakers. Per 1 Slice serving. 100 Calories. 0g sat fat, 0% DV. 200mg sodium, 8% DV. 1g sugars. Freihofer's® country breads are made with quality ingredients in our tradition of old-fashioned baking. Our country breads are blended and baked to give you the rich hearty taste and smooth texture you expect from Freihofer's®. Whether you choose stone ground 100% whole wheat, country white or country potato these home-style breads are a delicious addition to a sensible diet. Anytime is the right time for Freihofer's®! Enjoy! BCTGM. Dairy. Fruits, grains, vegetables, protein. Quality Bakers Since 1913. No artificial colors or flavors. 0g trans fat. Baked with sea salt. Our bakery products retain their best quality if stored at room temperature. For best results, please use bread by date on package. We are committed to providing you with quality products and welcome your questions and comments. Call 1-800-984-0989, Consumer Relations Department. When writing, please include the "best by" date and coding as well as the bar code and numbers. For information about food and health, go to ©All rights reserved.