Bearitos Popcorn, 50% Less Oil, Organic, Lite

50% less fat than other popcorn. All natural - Just 40 calories per cup. Organic expeller pressed oil. Reduced fat. No preservatives. Air popped. Bearitos Lite 50% Less Oil Popcorn has just 40 calories per cup! It's delicious and has only half the fat of regular popcorn! Of course, we use the finest organically grown popping corn, just a little organic expeller pressed oil and a touch of sea salt. Comparison Per 30 Gram Serving: Bearitos Lite 50% Less Oil Popcorn: 4.5 g fat; Average of Other Popcorn: 10 g fat. Our Commitment: We all want to make a difference, and to invest in the future. Your support of Little Bear and Bearitos products helps to do just that. While you are enjoying the taste of our products, you are also supporting family farmers and their efforts to improve the quality of our soil. We are committed to good health and a better future through sustainable organic agriculture. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Comments? Please send UPC and manufactured code date along with your comments to: Bearitos/Little Bear Consumer Affairs 4600 Sleepytime Drive Boulder, CO 80301 or call 8000-434-4246.