16 oz cups (473.18 ml). The ultimate cold-drink cup. A fast company world changing idea. New! Enjoy. Refill. Recycle. 24 lightweight & sturdy 16 oz. cups. Enjoy: Elevates any occasion, including holiday parties, birthdays, outdoor gatherings and weddings. Refill & Recycle: Perfect for daily use. Reduces dishwashing because you recycle the cups instead. Get the best from cold drinks. Lightweight & Sturdy: Strong design retains shape under the firmest grip and allows for multiple refills. Cool Touch: Provides a unique cold-drink experience that's superior to plastic. Made from infinitely recyclable aluminum. The new Ball Aluminum Cup recycles over and over, unlike single-use plastic cups, which end up in landfills. Simple enjoy, refill and then recycle as you would an aluminum can to help make a refreshing difference. 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. That's because only aluminum recycles over and over without losing quality or value. Limited extended use. Not dishwasher safe. No hot beverages. Join our recycling revolution. Follow us on social media (at)ballaluminumcup or visit to discover more recycling tips. Proudly recognized in Fast Company's 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards. Infinitely Recyclable: Made from 100% aluminum that recycles over and over without losing quality. This box is 100% recyclable. This product is made in America.