Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crust, Traditional 2 ea

Since 1930. Naturally fermented. Ready to crisp. Perhaps the most savored lessons one learns growing up in Brooklyn is that the success of every great pizza starts-and finishes-with the crust. Damascus Bakeries Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crusts are formulated, fermented and hearth-baked with that same Brooklyn lesson in mind, and in 'bite'! Thin, lite, with a bubbly personality. our crusts are ready-to-top, ready-to-crisp, ready-to-entertain, indoor or outdoors. Makes an amazing sandwich, too! Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crusts - Finally! A bite of Brooklyn in your very own home! David Mafoud, Edward Masoud. 3rd generation bakers. our bread your imagination. Breducation what is '00' pizza flour? In Italy, the symbol '00' denotes the most refined, powder- soft specialty flour. It's the preferred flour of artisan Neapolitan pizzaiolos who compete to create a light crust that is crisp on the outside and still tender to the bite.