Aunt Gussies Low Fat-Sugar Free Cracker Flats, Everything

0g Trans fat. Naturally delicious. Fresh baked & full of crunch. Made with fresh onions, poppy, sesame & caraway seeds. Aunt Gussie's Cracker Flats are so savory and versatile, you can enjoy them with just about anything. Try them with your favorite dip of salsa, with fruit and cheese, or as an accompaniment to soup or salad. You could even top a casserole with them, or enjoy them as a health snack straight from the box! You'll also enjoy our cracker Flats snapped into pieces! Aunt Gussie's bakes for your family using home recipes & premium - quality ingredients. Over the past 25 years, these healthy, old-fashioned cookies and baked goods have grown from a home kitchen business into a nationwide sensation! Today's health-minded consumers simply can't get enough of Aunt Gussie's wholesome Cookies, Biscotti and Cracker Flats. All are baked with healthy, natural, top-quality ingredients such as organic wheat, spelt and whole wheat flours.