Waterthins Crackers, Wafer Thin, Pepper and Chives

Great with cheese, dips, pate & antipasto. All natural. Waterthins Customer Service: If you have any queries regarding this product, please contact us by: Mail: Consumer Relations Department (at the address above). Please provide your name, address and contact number, product best before date and place of purchase. Website: www.waterwheel.com.au. Waterthins Wafer Thin Crackers are unique. Unlike traditional water crackers, Waterthins have a fine melt in your mouth wafer texture with a subtle taste that does not overpower the flavors of your favorite toppings. Enjoy Waterthins Crackers with cheese, pate or dips and as a great accompaniment to your antipasto selection. Waterthins crackers taste so good they can even be eaten on their own. Waterthins Wafer Thin Crackers are proudly Australian made. Made in Australia.