Left Hand Brewing Beer, Amber Ale, Sawtooth

Both complex and sessionable. The perfect balance of chewy malt and herbal hops. Amber Ale Sawtooth: the perfect balance between chewy malt and herbal hops. Our original flagship, Sawtooth Amber Ale continues to stand the test of time. Enjoying a pint is like playing your favorite classic album. Nostalgic, influential and a journey to be enjoyed from beginning to end. Malty chewiness slowly transitions over to herbal, earthy hops that make way for the crisp, dry finish of this multi-award-winning ale. Providing beer can be both complex and balanced since 1993. About Left Hand Brewing Company: since 1993, Left Hand Brewing Co. has been composing a well-balanced portfolio of craft beers and is proud to be one of the most honored and recognized breweries in the United States. Fl. oz. of alcohol: 0.64. Brewers Association Certified Independent Craft. www.lefthandbrewing.com. Learn more about our history and what goes in to the making of our perennial, seasonal and limited-time beers by visiting LeftHandBrewing.com. Please recycle. 27 IBUS 5.3% alc/vol. 10.6 Brewed in Colorado.