Amys Cakes, Chocolate, Gluten Free

Made with organic rice flour and cocoa powder. Non-dairy. No GMOs - No bioengineered ingredients. Family owned since 1988. Vegan. No trans fat. No added MSG. No preservatives. Celebrations call for cake and whether it's a birthday or any special event, chocolate is a family favorite. But no celebration is complete when someone is left out because he or she can't eat the cake. We kept getting letter after letter asking us to please come out with a cake that those who are gluten intolerant can eat. So we turned the project over to Amy's baker, Susan, who created the original Amy's chocolate cake. Now, it is not easy to make a cake without dairy or wheat flour that is light, tender and moist. In fact, as Susan discovered after months and months of trying, it is pretty near impossible. Finally one day, after all efforts had failed, she simply gave up. But there was some batter left over from her last attempt, so she added a bit of this and that, and put it in the oven to bake. Once it was finished, she put it on the kitchen counter without even bothering to taste it. When her husband came home, she heard him say Umm - this is good. Better than the original. So Amy's gluten free, dairy free chocolate cake was born - light, tender, moist, and so delicious that everyone will enjoy it even if they aren't gluten intolerant. After the birth of our daughter Amy in 1987 we found there was little time to prepare the wholesome nutritious food we normally ate. Realizing there were others like ourselves, we set up Amy's Kitchen to produce delicious, nourishing frozen meals for health-conscious people too busy to cook. We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients and prepare them with the same careful attention in our home as you would in your home. No meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanuts are ever used in any Amy's products. Certified organic by QAI.