• I need help and don’t understand how to place an order?

All our stores have instore specialists who are more then happy to assist you with placing your first order or answer questions.  Please call your store and ask for E commerce.

  • How can I find what’s on Sale?

Our Weekly Ad is online and can be clicked on to view and order from https://ecomm.uncleg.com/weekly-ad   You can also search what’s on Sale by filtering by On Sale which is located on the side bar when searching items.

  • Can Gift Cards be used to purchase?

No, only credit cards.

  • What is the lead time from ordering to delivery?

We have 4 hours lead time from the point you place your order. Our hours for pickup and delivery are 9-7pm. For example, an order placed before 3pm can be picked up or delivered by 7pm

  • I forgot to add an item to my order how can I add it?

Login to our site or click on your conformation order e-mail and look near where the shopping cart is, click Order in Progress, scroll down and type in the items you want under add to list. Once an order has started to be picked, no changes can be made.

  • How can I change the time of my pickup or delivery?

Please contact the store and they will work with you to adjustments.

  • Can my refund be put back onto my card?

Sorry refunds are only available on your next order through our site.

  • What is the provisional hold?

It is $5 or 10% of the order total, whichever is greater, it allows leeway with the credit card company so if the prices end up being more than the website said, the card will still be authorized. This is mostly for cold cuts, meat, produce department items that are per pound. It also keeps the card from declining if any extra items are added to the order after it is placed.

  • When will the provisional hold come off my account?

Usually 24 hours though this may change depending on your Bank and credit card company.

  • How can I use my Uncle g card?

We are adding this as an option in the near future. Until then please Make sure the phone number given is the one linked to the card, or add it to the Customer Notes section.

  • Can I use any coupons?

Sorry no, since we do not have the physical coupon in front of us when we ring up the order, we cannot use them.

  • Is there any way to purchase alcohol through Curbside or Delivery?

Sorry no.

  • Why do some products not show up or say not found when searching for them to place my order?

Using less specific and shorter search wording can help. We are also refining our item names and categories to improve the search experience.

  • Why does some produce go by quantity not by weight if it is sold by weight?

For ease of ordering some items are noted by the each, in these situations we have noted on the item its average weight.

  • Is there any way to inform Customer if Items are not in stock before they place order?

Sorry no. By default, our site selects Best Comparable so your order can be filled with a like item. If you do not want this please select No Substitution during product selection or at checkout.